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Introduction of Meghalaya

A trip to Meghalaya Tourism. It is a beautiful state of North East India. Meghalaya has Three districts Khasi Hills, Garo Hills, and Janita Hills. Meghalaya has an estimated population is 3,772,102, and Shillong is the Capital of Meghalaya. Travel to Meghalaya, which is famous for Hill Station and its amazing natural beauty, and is also Popular for the varieties of vegetables, Fruits, and spices found here. Meghalaya’s nearest Airport is Shillong Airport and Guwahati International Airport. The best season to visit Meghalaya, we recommend you to from September to June month, reason of the climate is very good for Travelling.

In this Meghalaya Travel guide, We offer you the cheapest Meghalaya Tour Package from Kolkata, Mumbai, Hyderabad, and other cities of India. Are you looking for a Meghalaya road trip? We provide you with a customized Meghalaya travel plan, which includes our experienced tour guide drivers, Hotels, and offbeat places in Meghalaya. Do you want to buy a traditional dress in Meghalaya? Jainsem is a traditional dress of Meghalaya. Jainsem is a piece of clothing which is usually made of mulberry silk.

There are approximately 16 famous waterfalls in Meghalaya state. Nohkalikai Falls, Khoh Ramhah, Kynrem Falls, Nohsngithiang Falls, Elephant Falls, Spread Eagle Falls, Sweet Falls, Weinia Falls, Thum Falls, and Krang Suri, are famous tourist attractions in Meghalaya. People speak different languages in Meghalaya, but People mainly use English, Hindi, Bengali, and Assamese.

Places to Visit in Meghalaya

Shillong City

A Family tour to Shillong is a picturesque city of Meghalaya, and It is the headquarters of the East Khasi Hills district. People refer to Shillong as “The Scotland of the East”. It is a very beautiful place for its Lush greenery mountains, Vibrant Culture and Tradition. Trip to Shillong, and start traveling from Guwahati Airport, which takes time approximately 3 to 4 hours, and explore Shillong’s nearest major tourist Places. Places to Visit in Shillong, such as Umiam Lake, Elephant Falls, Lady Hydari Park, and Litelum Canyon.

We are the best Shillong Tour and Travel guide and offer you budget-price Shillong tour packages for a couple, and provide you with famous places to visit in Shillong. we offer many types of Travel Plans to Meghalaya such as the Guwahati Shillong tour for 4 nights 5 days, the Shillong tour plan for 4 days, and Shillong tour packages from Chennai, etc.

Places to Visit in Cherrapunji

Visit Cherrapunji Tourism. Also known as “Chora “, a famous Wettest Place on Earth.  A Family trip to Cherrapunji, a perfect tourist destination in North East India. If you are a family traveler or Nature lover, then visit the 5 best Cherrapunji Falls – Seven Sister Falls, Nohkalkai Falls, Wah-Kaba Falls, Kynrem Falls, Dainthlen Falls, etc. Travel time required to Cherrapunji 2 hrs by Car from Shillong City.

Are you looking for offbeat waterfalls in Cherrapunji? Then, we recommend you to Visit Seven Sister Falls and Wah-Kaba Falls. Looking for the best trekking Places in Cherrapunji, Mawsami Cave, and Arwah Cave. All Caves is one of the best tourist places for history buffs and trekking seekers.

Discover Cherrapunji’s Doble Decor Living Root Bridge, which is located in Nohgrihat. just 45 K/m from Chora Town, which is the best tourist spot for trekkers, and also visit the nearby Khasi tribal villages. We offer the best resort in Cherrapunji – Polo Orchid Resort, Coniferous Resort, Saimika Resort, The Escaped Inn Resort, Jiva Resort, and Kutmadan Resort. All the resorts are very friendly but very expensive.

We provide you with different types of Cherrapunji Travel Plans, such as the Guwahati Shillong Cherrapunji tour package, 6 Days Shillong Cherrapunji tour package, Cherrapunji tour packages for family, Kamakhya Shillong Cherrapunji tour, and Shillong Cherrapunji tour 3 days. All packages are suitable for Couples, Groups, Families, and Senior Citizens. The Best time to visit Cherrapunji is from October to June Month.

Explore Mawlynnong Village

Family trip to Mawlynnong Village Tourism, located in the East Khasi Hills District of Meghalaya. This Village is known as Asia’s Cleanest Village. A Family holiday to Mawlynnong Village, From Guwahati Airport to just 177 K/m and it takes 4 hours. You can enjoy the best tourist places to visit in Mawlynnong Village, such as Sky View Point, Bohill Falls, Single Decor Living Root Bridge, Balancing Rock, and popular Bamboo trekking. Mawlynnong Village’s specialty is a peaceful environment and people are very friendly and offer you the best hospitality. Plan a trip to Mawlynnong Village, and discover the amazing travel experience in Meghalaya. you must try 7 Famous Foods of Meghalaya, like Jadoh, Doh-Khlieh, Nakham Bitchi, Pumaloi, Minil Songa, Sakin Gata and Dohneiiong.

Sightseeing in Dawki - Meghalaya

Dawki is a small town in Meghalaya and is located in the Janita Hill District and is the border of India – Bangladesh. Take a Dawki trip, Which is famous for its Eco-Tourism spots, and Tourists enjoy boat rides on the Clear Crystal River known as Umangot. You can visit the best Dawki sightseeing Places, such as the Umngot River, Jaflong Zero Point, Wah Umngot, Rymben Fall, and the beautiful India – Bangladesh International Border. Trip to Dawki Tourism is an outstanding tourist destination in Meghalaya.

So, Plan a holiday trip to Meghalaya, and explore the beautiful tourist spots with your Family. We recommend our custom Family travel Plan to You – Guwahati to Dawki tour package 3 N – 4 D, Shillong – Cherrapunji-Dawki tour packages, etc. The best time to visit Dawki is from October to mid-June.

Travel to Mawphlang Sacred Forest

It is the famous Sacred Forest in Meghalaya. This Mawphland Sacred Forest specialty is popular for its natural Greenery, and it is also Meghalaya’s Offbeat tourist Place. Local Khasi People say: “There cannot be a kingdom without a sacred forest, and no sacred forest without a kingdom”.

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