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Explore, ethnic tribes of Nagaland; is a state in North East India, and which is located in Assam, and Arunachal Pradesh to the west some part of Assam to the North and Manipur to the south, and also sharing its international border, with Burma to the east.

This state, is known for its ethnic tribes. Kohima, is the capital of Nagaland, and Dimapur is the largest city of Nagaland, and know about Nagaland’s 7 famous tribes, are Ao Naga, Angami Naga, Chang Naga, Lotha Naga, Bodo Kachari People, Phom Naga, etc.

In this state, Agriculture is the main trade activity. The main languages used in Nagaland are English, Hindi, and Nagamese.

Nagaland’s, most important festival is Hornbill, and it is organized by the State of Nagaland Tourism, and it is an important, tourist attraction site in India. The best time to visit Nagaland,is from November to May month.

Explore the top 5 Famous tourist Places to Visit in Nagaland

About Kohima travel guide, places to visit, World War!!, and time to visit, and it is the capital of Nagaland, and it is known for its tribal village.

The best time to trip plan for Kohima, is from November to May month; at that time, weather conditions are perfect, and good for travelling.

You can, visit the top 5 tourist attractions, places in Kohima, such as-

  • Nagaland State Museum.
  • Zulekie, known as the Kohima Cathedral Church.
  • World War!! Battlefield.

It is the largest city of Nagaland. Dimapur is the capital, of Dimasa Kachari Kingdom, and it is known as “Brick City” by European scholars, and also by the Ahoms.

The best time to visit Dimapur, is from November to June month.

You can visit the best 4 famous, tourist Places of Dimapur, such as-

  • Kachari Ruins.
  • Triple Falls, Seithekema.
  • Nagaland Bamboo Resource Centre.
  • Chumukeidma, local tribal market.

It is a home of Ao Naga tribes, and is one of the most important urban centres in Nagaland, both economically and politically. The most popular places to, visit in Mokochung are

 The Mokokchung Zone Museum, it is display exhibits heterogeneous artifacts of Ao Naga ethnic such as, swords, shields, shawls, clothing, traditional jewelry, and many more.

The travel distance from, Kohima town to Mokokchung distance, is approximately 145 K/m - 3hrs.

It is a small town, and is located in the center of Kip hire district, and it is known as “Land of Minerals”, and it is most important tourist place, in Nagaland.

How to Reach Nagaland?

The best 2 major Airport to Travel to Nagaland 

  • Kohima Airport
  • Guwahati  Airport

By Rail to Nagaland 

The 2 major Railway Station to Travel to Nagaland

  • Guwahati Railway Station
  • Jorhat Railway Station.
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