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A trip Plan to Assam, it is a state in North East India, with a total of 27 numbers of districts. This is famous for its beautiful Tea Gardens and Silk. Assam shares a border with Bhutan in the North, and to the west of Bangladesh.

Assam, is a land of colorful festivals. Bihu is the main festivals, is attracting people from all over the world. So, don’t miss out.

Looking for a trip plan is the best way to its good weather conditions. The best time to visit Assam, is from October to May month, when the weather conditions, and excellent for a sightseeing. That time, tourist places are dry and hygienic.

Let’s explore Assam Places:

Are you looking for the best Assam spots? Assam is known for its heritage places, and wildlife. If you're interested, then must visit Assam famous places. Here are some of the popular places to explore.

A travel guide, of Guwahati. It is an Assam largest city. This town is famous for its ancient temple, and known as Kamakhya.

Are you looking for the best time to Family trip? For a journey, it depends on a climate conditions. The best month is from October to June. You can plan a trip with family to Guwahati tourist spot.

Are you a Family or couple travelers? Then, must visit the 10 famous spots, these places are to offer you relaxation. Places to explore in Guwahati.

Name of 10 famous tourist places to visit are. Plan to Visit, Kamakhya, is the India's heritage temple. Umananda, is the smallest Island of the country. Shankar Dev Kalakshetra, it is famous for its cultural hub. Balaji, is a spiritual place in Assam.

You can see other ultimate tourist spots, such as Hajo town, is a famous for Hindu pilgrim. Assam state Museum, this is a popular for its Ahom monuments, and Sualkuchi, these place is world-famous for its Hand loom Silk cloth.

It is a Romantic city in Assam, which is famous for its history, and Old temples. It is located in the Sonitpur district, state of Assam.

A trip to Tezpur, is a major tourist spot for a family travelers and couples. Where you can see the beautiful Himalayan Mountain View from town, it also depends on a weather conditions. The best month to visit Tezpur is from October to June.

You can explore to 5 tourist spots in Tezpur, such as, Padum Pukhuri, it is beautiful water tank. Agani Garh, is known for its heritage monuments. Cold Park, it is the best Children playground. Mahabhairab temple is a very oldest spiritual place. Bamuni Hills, this place is famous for its natural beauty.

A trip to Wildlife Park

Are you looking for a wildlife in Assam? It is known for its India's top National park. This Park is located in the Golaghat district, in Assam. Kaziranga famous for its One-Horned Rhions, and Tigers, and this is a visitor's first impression. This Kaziranga Park was in 1968 declared as world heritage site.

Are you looking for a Jungle safari? Then, come to right place. A Kaziranga Park is known for its One –Horned Rhinos, and can see Rhinos through Jeep Safari. You can book Safari to Kaziranga Park, and try to these 4 ranges, such as Kohora, Bagori, Western, and Burapahar. All these ranges are most famous in Kaziranga Park.

Are you looking for Kaziranga Safari timings? Then, read this article. This Park is open every year on October month, and close in Mid-May. It depends on a weather conditions. For a Jungle Safari time, is Everyday start morning at 5.00 AM, and afternoon, start at 1.30 P.M.

If you are a Plan to Kaziranga National Park; then visit, the best month is from November to mid -May. These months Kaziranga’s jungle is dry, and the road conditions are excellent. The travel distance, to Kaziranga is 220 K/m - 4 hrs from Guwahati. It depends on road traffic.

Plan a Nameri Park. It is Assam famous wildlife Park, which is known for its Tea Garden, and Tigers. These parks offer you a River Rafting, and Jungle trekking.

Tourist can visit near of Nameri local tribal villages, and see beautiful Tea Estate. If you are a jungle trekker, then you can trek to this Park, and watching Birds, or other animals. It is the best activities for you.

Are you want Rafting, and then go to Jia-Bhorali River, which is the ultimate River line, and do rafting for 2 to 3 hours. Nameri is located in Assam, and Arunachal point. The best month to trip to this Park is from October to May.

Are you looking for a Wildlife trip? Then go to Manas Park. This Park is located in Baksa district, in Assam, which is known for its Bengal Tigers, and Golden Languors. These Park, in 1985 as declared a World Heritage Site, by UNESCO. For a wildlife lover, Manas park is an important Bird watching site. It is a famous tourist spot for a wildlife photographer.

Activates in Manas National Park

You can do activities in Manas, like Jungle Safari, River Rafting, and Jungle trek. It has 4 important Safari ranges, name of Panbari, Bansbari, Bhuyanpara, and Kuklung.

You can enjoy Elephant or Jeep Safari to these ranges, and a start time every morning at 5.30 AM, and Afternoon 1.30 PM.

You're looking for Rafting in Assam? Then go to Manasa River, which is known for its clear crystal water, and it has surroundings amazing natural hill. This is the best tourist spot for photography.

At Manas Park, you can savor a traditional cuisine, like Pork Fry, Fish curry, Duck meat, and Rice wine, and these cuisines are popular in Assam. So, don't miss the chance to explore Manas Park.

You can book our custom Manas Park trip, from Mumbai, and other parts of the Country. The best time to visit Manas Park, is from October to May, and also depends on a climate condition.

Want to visit Majuli? It is known as the world's longest River line, and can see the mighty Brahmaputra river landscape. This landscape is a famous spot, when you travel to Majuli from Nimatighat, ferry point.

A Majuli is known for its Oldest Satras, and also a well -known cultural hub in Assam. Majuli is also world-famous for its Mask -making tradition, and these masks are used in people for a show at Satra.

Are you planning a trip for a Majuli Satra? Then go to Majuli Island. These Islands offer you to explore some of the heritage satra, and learn about Hindu culture, and tradition. It is a major tourist place in Assam. You can visit this place, can see popular satra, and can morning your meditation.

Majuli is known for its Rass Festival. It is one of the biggest festivals in Majuli Island, you can plan a festival trip to this Island, and enjoy the local culture show, and with share your experience. This Rass festival is start in November month. So, don't miss out.

Places to visit Majuli tourism, you can explore Molai Forest, it is a popular Bird watching site, Misshing tribal village, and where you can see small bamboo houses. It is a famous tribe in Majuli.

When you visit Majuli, and don't forget to try famous dishes. You can try Pork Fry, Duck curry, Fish tenga, and rice Beer, etc., and these dishes are very tasty. It is a traditional food in Assam. The best time to plan a Majuli Island with family, is from November to May month.

Sivasagar is a famous town. It is Assam first heritage city, and this city, known for its Ahom monuments, and you can see the Palace, Museum, Temple, and hand -made water tank, this called a Joysagar tank. It is an Assam, famous tourist spot.

Plan a Sivasagar trip, you don't miss seeing Rang Ghar, this palace is made by the first Ahom King. It is very biggest place, and has a big playground.

Visit Sivadol, it is a famous temple, where start every year of Maha Shivratri festival is celebrated, and plan a festival trip to Sivasagar. This festival starts between February and March month.

The best time to trip with family to Sivasagar, is from October to June month.

It is a popular city in Assam. Jorhat is famous for its beautiful Tea Gardens. Jor means twin and Hat means market.

If you want to look at Tea tour in Assam, then come to Jorhat. You can explore famous tourist places in Jorhat, such as Tea research center, Gymkhana Club, and Hoollongapar Gibbon Sanctuary, and all these tourist places, must be including to your trip plan to Assam

How to Reach in Assam?

Assam is good for a communication. It has 4 major Airport, such as Guwahati, Jorhat, Tezpur, and Dibrugarh. To, reach Assam; you can book your flight tickets from India, and Abroad.

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