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About Us

About Us

We Will Be Helping You Find Your Dream Vacation

Kalita Tours & Travels, was founded by Mr.Bipul Kalita, in Rangia City in 2014, and who has expert in the Tourism and Hospitality sector; our main motto is to perfect your travel dreams and offer the cheapest price.

Know about Mr. Bipul Kalita’s biography, started hospitality and Tourism studies in Kolkata in 2007. Afterward, open Kalita Tours; Travels; He is also an expert farmer in Agriculture field. He is also a very simple person and very hardworking person, and He gained an award from the Eco-Tourism Society of North East India, for the best hospitality.

About, Kalita Tours & Travels services are – Tour Packages, Car Rental, Hotel Booking, River Cruise, Jungle Safari, and special permits for North East India. Our services are Budget and Luxurious; it depends on your needs.

Kalita Tours & Travels, we think that travelling is about more than simply seeing new places; it’s also about getting to know locals, making friends, and having memorable experiences. We look beyond traditional tourist attractions to find undiscovered gems, enabling you to fully appreciate any location you visit.

People know about, Kalita Tours & Travels, as a trusted travel agency in India; that places a high priority on sustainability and the protection of the natural and cultural legacy of our world. To help local communities; development while reducing the harm to the environment, we work hard to promote moral Tourism activities.

Kalita Tours & Travel’s dedication to quality goes beyond arranging your vacation. To guarantee that you receive the best quality of service during your travel, we collaborate with reliable partners and carefully choose your hotels, modes of transportation, and tour guides. We think that every part of your holiday should go well and without worry, letting you concentrate on making priceless memories.

To make trip plans for every traveler in North East India Tourism with Kalita Tours & Travels. Cordially welcome you to go with us on a voyage to North East India brimming with wonder, discovery, and unforgettable experiences. Give us a call so we can assist you in making lifelong memories.